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If you have ever visited the top list of play store charts, you must have seen the happy face of Austin on the Homescapes and Gardenscapes. Gardenscapes is the previous version of Homescapes. Homescapes have attracted so many players across the world in recent years.

The reason is Homescapes mod apk is a cleverly designed game just like Gardenscapes and Township. Playrix Games has scrutinized various genres: decoration like The Sims and puzzle-like Candy crush. Homescape mod combines both genres with the addition of throughout the storyline.

The players are curious about what is happening next while playing Homescapes mod apk latest version. Moreover, the curiousness of the player increases as he continues to play the game.

Today, we will discuss the gameplay and the basic features of Homescapes Mod Apk. This article will also detail the requirements and download link of the latest version of the Homescape mod apk.

Homescapes Mod Apk Exceptional Features

  • The fun and excitement of playing homescape mod apk with your desired friends have a level of its own. It also becomes the reason for the popularity of any game. The reason makers have assured that players have the opportunity to enjoy the game with your favorite friends. It means that players can invite their friends from their Facebook friends list and enjoy the various difficulty levels. You can even visit your friend’s houses. It will enable you to state that you are the best player.
  • The fundamental problem with the modern android gaming app is that these become the victims of some complaints. These complaints are; the user gets bored of the app due to the continuous use of the gameplay and lack of creativity. The makers of this game were fully aware of this reality. Therefore, they introduced three different difficulty levels. These levels allow the player to test his specific skills. It has made it the most engaging gameplay.
  • The general theme of this gameplay is concerned about Austin’s attempt to restoring glory and peace to the family. Moreover, homescapes apk mod also about to restore the complete mansion to its lost glory. You’re mistaken if you think it is all about. The developers of the game have created the theme in a way to make it more interesting. The player can embark and explore the adventures to search the secrets of the old mansion. It makes it among the best gameplays available.
  • The developers have tried to make this gameplay even more enjoyable. Due to this reason, they have made it possible for the player to customize some options. It means that the player can restore and decorate every room of the house as per his choice.
  • Hence, being a player of this gameplay, you have the option to make everything as per your representation style. The game will allow you to get whatever you want from the store. So, you are free to explore your creativity.
  • The makers have designed some unique and particularly crafted features. These features are made to offer the player a revolutionary gaming experience. That’s why these features are not free of cost.
  • Homescapes mod apk unlimited stars offer you many exciting difficulty levels and features, and these are free of cost. Contrary to this, you have to pay to get some extra thrilling experience.
  • In the homescapes apk, the players have unlimited stars, but these stars are not unlimited from the start. These stars will increase when you use them.

Homescapes Mod Apk Quatlities

Homescapes unlimited stars give you a thrilling experience through its fairy tale, summer stage, and more. In the fairy tale, you have the option to transform your garden into the Land of Oz. It virtually fulfills the dreams of childhood.

Moreover, this gameplay also provides you the offer to get an Emerald Palace as a reward upon performing well. It is not the end. You can further decorate your Emerald Palace as per your preference and creativity.

In the summer stage option, the player can set up a trailer and stage for an opera singer. Upon successful completion of all the tasks, you can get a specific profile picture of your choice.

In Cascade Events, you have to option of beating levels and completing tasks to earn event stickers and rewards. Moreover, you can also earn rewards in the Team Chest and Team Tournament.  Last but not least, you can unlock the Rock House by finishing the Farm Chapter. Now you can easily homescapes game download, and play with your friends.

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The Amazingly Colorful and Vibrant Graphics

The graphics of the Homescapes are highly appreciated by even the most experienced players around the globe. In addition to being friendly for gamers of every age, this game provides colorful and vibrant graphics.

Moreover, the expression of the character is another advantage of this gameplay. Every ornament and item in the house is characterized in detail and a bright look. You can make the space and surroundings of the villa extraordinarily delicate and beautiful using your preferences.

Therefore, if you have an interest in interior design, you are going to be in love with this gameplay. So, do not ignore this game and bloom your skills in interior design.

Good Design

As regards the design of the game, it is among the best gaming designs. Homescapes are created on a 3D engine with animated and cute designs. The design is good for both males and females, but especially girls with a lot of free time can enjoy more.

Homescapes is a user-friendly and quite fun game. Therefore, please do not be late to help Austin’s housekeeper in building his childhood home.


We have discussed in detail the Homescapes mod apk. There are many exciting and pleasing points in this gameplay. This gameplay provides a combination of building houses, puzzle play, and the art of storytelling.

This combination has brought pleasure and happiness to millions of gamers. If you have not yet explored Austin’s bizarre world, this is the time to start now.

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